Selling to the Masses: Supporting CPG Companies through Mentorship, Matchmaking, & Community

Did you know that 30,000 new consumer products go to market each year, and that 95% of them ultimately fail?

In many of these cases, the products themselves are great, but the leaders of the young companies behind them simply don’t understand what is involved in getting and keeping even great products on the shelves of the country’s top retailers.

Many more of these products and the companies that have developed them deserve to succeed, and we believe we can make a significant difference, while helping our community realize its fullest potential.

With the 95% failure statistic in mind, our primary purpose is to draw early stage and small consumer product companies to Northwest Arkansas, and ultimately help them get and keep their products on the shelves of the country’s top retailers.

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Simply put; Northwest Arkansas has more intellectual and experiential horsepower concentrated here, as it relates to taking consumer products to market, than anywhere else in the entire world.

Many from within our “Supplier Community” have experience working in multiple retailing contexts beyond Walmart and Sam’s Club, and they are eager to serve as mentors and enablers to the next generation of consumer product leaders.

Our Mission is Simple

To shine a spotlight on Northwest Arkansas, and help the world to see it as more than the place you go to pitch Walmart and Sam’s Club.

In so doing, we will begin attracting early stage consumer product innovators to our region for many of the same reasons that technology companies are drawn to Silicon Valley, automotive companies are drawn to Detroit, and financial services companies are drawn to New York City.

Contact us to see how we can help you get on the shelf!