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Matt is the founder and CEO of Selling to the Masses. Prior to founding his first business (Store of the Community) in 2005 and second (8th & Walton) in 2006, and third business (Selling to the Masses) in 2012, Matt spent 13 years serving in a variety of key leadership roles in the areas of Operations, Marketing, Human Resources and in Mergers & Acquisitions while working both in the U.S. and abroad for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

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After Wreaking Havoc in Europe, Aldi and Lidl Are Bringing the Fight to Walmart in the U.S.

German retailers Aldi and Lidl are wreaking havoc in the UK with their low price, limited sku, and limited service operations. Both have aggressive growth plans for the U.S., with

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The Last Best Hope for Makers of Processed Foods

Generally speaking, Americans are pushing away from processed foods in favor of fresher and healthier foods. But in lower income households, families are still going to their favorite dollar stores

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Is Walmart’s Productivity Loop Broken?

An article from Bloomberg suggests that Walmart’s suppliers are beginning to push back hard against new fees and policies that are impacting both cost of goods and product demand. Add

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Dollar Tree Capitalizes While Walmart Looks the Other Way

With nearly 14,000 stores that are tailored to the needs of lower-income shoppers, Dollar Tree is thrilled that Walmart is investing heavily in upgrades that appeal mainly to higher earning

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Best Buy: The Category Killer That Will Not Go Away

Many of us had counted Best Buy out years ago, predicting that they would share a similar fate as their contemporaries Circuit City, CompUSA, and Radio Shack. We were wrong.

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Amazon Rolls Out Farmers Market Direct Program

Amazon is taking its food delivery business to another level by partnering with Fresh Nation, making products sold at farmers markets available to members of Amazon Prime Fresh throughout southern

Leslie Adami – Inventor of the magnifEYEr

Leslie Adami, inventor of the magnifEYEr, an innovative case for iPhone models with a built in magnifying glass for reading small print, talks with Selling to the Masses Matt Fifer about her crowdfunding campaign .

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Steven Pack – Inventor and Co-Founder, KoalaSafe

Steven Pack, inventor and co-founder of KoalaSafe, talks with Selling to the Masses Matt Fifer about his innovative internet monitoring device, KoalaSafe. The device allows parents to exercise complete control of internet usage in the home.

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Ryan Grepper’s Coolest Cooler Is About to Ship

62,642 individual backers are about to see what a total of $13.2 million bought them, as Kickstarter’s most successful fundraiser begins to ship his product, the Coolest Cooler. “Coolest, the

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Hasbro Looks to Indiegogo to Find the Next Big Game

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are becoming a legitimate source of inspiration for major consumer brands. “The toy maker behind ‘Monopoly’ and ‘The Game of Life’ is working with