Sam’s Club Will Be Carrying 3D Printers

Photo Credit: Walmart via Flickr cc

Photo Credit: Walmart via Flickr cc

3D printing is more than just fun and games (though it’s lots of fun). Inventors everywhere can bypass the middle man with prototyping they can do singlehandedly, thanks to the MakerBots they found at Sam’s Club.

“Sam’s Club will become the second major retailer to sell 3D printers to the mass market as it introduces MakerBot Replicator Mini printers at more than 300 stores in the United States. Home Depot already offers MakerBots in a handful of urban markets.”

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Amazon Lays the Net-a-Porter Acquisition Rumors to Rest

Photo Credit: Szk7788 via Wikimedia Commons cc

Photo Credit: Szk7788 via Wikimedia Commons cc

Have you heard in recent days that Amazon was contemplating and negotiating the acquisition of luxury retailer Net-a-Porter? Amazon puts an end to the speculation.

“ denied that it is in acquisition talks for Net-a-Porter, contradicting earlier reports that it was interested in purchasing the London-based luxury web retailer for as much as 2 billion euros, or about $2.19 billion.”

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The Very Antithesis of the Apple Watch, And Proud of It, Too

The advent of the Apple Watch was met with much fanfare.

The team at Noodoe was unimpressed.

One size fits all? One size doesn’t fit all. The makers of Noodoe find big technology companies like Apple threatening, not because they’re afraid they can’t compete, but because they’re afraid that our ability to think and create is being zapped by the mainstream and uniform.

10659260_409007022581749_3198780819177732663_nThe Noodoe watch is a blank slate. It doesn’t tell you what features to make use of, you get to tell it that. You communicate with Noodoe through the app, creating screens one after another. Click and drag features for a customized screen face. Switch between screens with a flick of the wrist. The real independents can build their own screens from scratch, controlling every pixel, even uploading their own pictures and sketches to adjust into a displayable screen face.

How does it work? It is a smartwatch, and it does what other smartwatches do. It receives calls, which you can silence with a flick of the wrist. It displays texts, which you can scroll and rescroll through the same way. It tells time, perhaps in very creative ways. Noodoe has put out a crowd call for sketches of unorthodox ways to tell time.

A smartwatch for the militant expressionist and the mild and retiring artist alike. A smartwatch for anyone, really, because Noodoe’s price point falls under a hundred dollars.




Yes, It’s a Flashlight, but Keep Reading, You Won’t Be Sorry

1708695f79c054267c4f2a7b486f7949_originalYou know how everything deep underwater looks like one even shade of greenish gray? You start to believe that those are its true colors, but good lighting would show you otherwise. But I can’t recommend taking your 99 cent flashlight into the deeps.

Flame Angel, I can recommend. This is the real deal. Its price tag says it all. $300? They’re not fooling around.

It’s made of aluminum, austenite, or magnesium (this last only in a collector’s edition), your choice. The thing is unbreakable. Run it over with your Jeep, it works as well as the day you dropped $300 on a flashlight and confused all your friends. “$300 for a flashlight?” A Go-Pro mountable flashlight, if you please.

This isn’t an Everyman’s flashlight. This is for adventurers. Diving, biking, camping, hunting for sand crabs… It’s built from the bottom up to be unlike any other. For instance, it has no switch. No toggle, no button. These are mechanical nightmares waiting to happen. They break down. They stick. They jam. They would render a $300 flashlight useless, and then your friends would laugh at you.

No. Instead, the base of the flashlight is a sensitive surface. Tap it once to turn on and off, a couple times to reduce or increase brightness, a few more times to check the battery level.

Ah, yes, the battery. Lithium ion, of course. Rechargable by USB.

Now the fun part. Flame Angel can withstand and remain waterproof at depths of 300 meters, depths only a submarine could reach. Did you realize that most scuba divers only make it 40 meters beneath the surface?

7a20c161c2f812cb9a643d5c7c0c8007_originalFlame Angel can do a lot, and one of the things it does best is help you take great underwater pictures. Remember the greenish gray hue every object takes a couple dozen meters under? Flame Angel lights up the depths with 1000 lumens of light. The Sport version focuses that light, the Video version diffuses it into artificial daylight. Now all that dark-hued dullness springs out in blazing colors.

A Luxury Bag with LED Lighting and a Battery Life

16abe9e9fc04a59c56f16f20f9e9b7dd_originalIt is no secret that women love bags. They have bags for school, bags for seminars, and bags for parties. It is surprising that techies didn’t notice before now the golden opportunity presented in the form of a woman’s handbag. I mean, they could have added some cool things inside if they did.

Leoht is a luxury leather handbag which might change the way women use and think about bags. The bag has many features. One of them is interior lighting. That’s right girls! You can now take things out of your bag using your sense of sight – not your sense of touch.

251717ef1678ae994eae97f490a3de45_originalLeoht also has a built-in battery through which you can charge your smartphone 3-4 times or your tablet 1-2 times; two built-in USB ports through which you can charge two devices at a time. There is a hidden place in Leoht called The Alcove where you can keep your jewelry, phone, or other valuables. Charging the bag seems hassle free – all you have to do is put it on its charging plate for a while; there is also a portable USB charger available to help you recharge while travelling. The best part is that Leoht looks like an ordinary bag – all the cool stuff stays out of sight. Currently, there are two styles and two colors available on Kickstarter at a starting price of $149.

Precision Coffee Grinder: Better Grind, More Flavor

photo-original (12)As a coffee enthusiast, I am very particular about my beans. I explore the origin of the roast, the flavor profile, and the ethical trading of beans. After examining, I determine the best brew method to use for extracting the most intricate flavors from each bean. While painstaking care to source a delicious roast can pay off, the quality of your cup is determined by the equipment you use.

An inconsistent cup is the bane of the home barista, and the fundamental source of inconsistency lies in the grind. Diversity is great for community, but bad for coffee grounds: blade grinders slice your whole beans into varietal chunks, popular manual grinders wobble to give you fine and coarse grinds at the same time, and electric burr grinders cost an arm and a leg!

The Handground Coffee Grinder is a manual grinder developed by coffee enthusiasts, for coffee enthusiasts, and at a pricetag for all coffee people. Crowdsourced, the Handground team bounced ideas off of hundreds of coffee aficionados to generate the final product. To prevent wobbling they triple-mounted the ceramic burr, no more jumping beans with a locking top, and you can fine-tune the coarseness like you would focus your SLR camera. The consistency offered by 20 coarseness levels complements your french press to your espresso and your pour-over in between.

The Handground’s settings aren’t the only things fine-tuned, its appearance makes it a sleek and modern kitchen accessory. White, black, or nickel plated accents draw attention to its stable base and side-mounted handle. On its side, the naturally beautiful wooden knob reminds you of the outside world your coffee comes from. A meal becomes intimate when it is made from scratch, a gift becomes a memory when it is handmade, and coffee becomes an experience when it is hand ground. Handground understands this concept and excels in making your morning ritual an experience.

Livid RadioShack Auction Loser Calls It a “Sham” and Demands a Do-Over

Photo Credit: Coolcaesar via Wikimedia Commons cc

Photo Credit: Coolcaesar via Wikimedia Commons cc

Sore loser or legitimate whistleblower?

“A deal to keep 1,740 RadioShack Corp stores open hangs in the balance in a Delaware court after its top creditor, a losing bidder in an auction for the bankrupt retailer, called the process a “sham” and demanded a new sale.

RadioShack, which filed for bankruptcy last month, told a U.S. Bankruptcy judge it had selected the Standard General hedge fund as the winning bidder in the private four-day auction, which ended just before a court hearing on Thursday.”

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Lululemon Explains Away Weak Sales, Renews Investors’ Confidence

Factors beyond Canadian retailer Lululemon’s control contributed to weak revenue, factors like the West coast ports slowdown and currency issues. Investors were reassured, and shares rose once more.

“Canadian yogawear retailer Lululemon Athletica Inc forecast earnings and revenue below expectations on Thursday, but its shares rose after executives said the weak outlook was largely due to temporary West Coast port delays and currency factors.”

Read the full article at The Financial Post. 

Amazon’s One Hour Delivery Service Launches in Dallas

Photo Credit: Szk7788 via Wikimedia Commons cc

Photo Credit: Szk7788 via Wikimedia Commons cc

For a fee of about eight dollars, Prime members in Dallas can now have goods delivered to their door within an hour of ordering them. Two hour delivery is free. Amazon plans to continue expanding Prime Now in major cities across the U.S.

“This morning the company announced that Dallas is the latest city to get Amazon Prime Now, its one-hour delivery service of ‘daily essentials’ like household items, toys and books. This brings the total number of cities serviced by Prime Now — where two-hour deliveries are free, and one-hour arrivals cost $7.99 — up to four, after Baltimore and Miami were added last week, and New York launched in December 2014.”

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GameStop’s Plan to Save Its Core Business

By acquiring new stores and converting old ones, GameStop hopes to stay ahead of a changing market.

“GameStop is trying to stay ahead of a transition in video games that threatens to make its namesake stores, ubiquitous in malls for more than a decade, obsolete. With new consoles from Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp. that don’t require discs, players never have to leave their couch. GameStop executives are pivoting toward stores that sell other products, including AT&T wireless service, phones and Apple Inc. devices.”

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