What Is CES 2015?

computer-339836_640It’s the Consumer Electronics Show, biggest of its kind. We intend to be there.

“The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the one event every tech fan should have daubed on their gadget calender.

This year the massive event runs from January 6 to January 9 and will overrun Las Vegas with all the TVs, tablets, smartphones and wearable tech we can look forward to over the next 12 months.”

Read the full article at Mirror.

Booklamp: Lighting Up Your Life

cf6c657c7fb1b63b1fe028debaeadb88_largeEvery reader understands that books become a part of our lives the moment we open them. They shape our lives and help make us the person that we are. So what if your favorite book could become a permanent part of your home as well as your heart? With the Booklamp, your most treasured literature can hang in your home for all to see.

The Booklamp is a simple wooden rod you suspend from your ceiling with clear wire that spans up to 2 meters (6 ft).  Inside the specially crafted rod is an LED light that will burn for up to thirty years! How many other lamps can say that? Now for the personalization. To make your Booklamp complete and unique, just take your favorite hardcover book, open it to the middle, and hang it off the wooden rod. Metal wiring on each side keeps it open like a tent. Now your favorite book cover is a functional piece of artwork (and don’t worry, book lovers, your book will remain in one piece).

6fa959f3ad0578923193d17d326e1440_largeThe best part about Booklamp’s design is its interchangeability. When you want to change the mood of the room, just change out the book. Use A Christmas Carol for holiday gathering, then change it to The Great Gatsby for your New Year’s party. If you are changing the look of your room, no problem, just switch out your book to match your color scheme and look. Hang it in your child’s room, and watch their favorite books change as they grow. In an age where book covers are becoming more and more beautiful, the Booklamp has certainly found a place in our heart, along with the books that shaped us.

Brick and Mortar Stores Must Get Creative

Photo Credit: Errefe via Wikimedia Commons cc

Photo Credit: Errefe via Wikimedia Commons cc

Online retailers are carrying all before them, and brick and mortar stores find they must offer more than goods in order to compete. Shoppers need a reason to come.

“Rachel Shechtman, founder and chief executive officer at Story, talks with Stephanie Ruhle about the retail experience and the lengths brick and mortar stores are going to in order to entice customers.”

Watch the video on Bloomberg.


Hordes of Shoppers Expected This Saturday

Photo Credit: w00kie via Flickr cc

Photo Credit: w00kie via Flickr cc

Five days until Christmas and shopping to finish – Super Saturday is the day.

“With one week to go until Christmas, we now face the biggest shopping day of the year: Super Saturday.

Super Saturday is usually the third-best shopping day in the holiday season, behind Black Friday and Thanksgiving Thursday. But this year it’s taking the top spot, because of timing.”

Read the full article at CBS Chicago. 


When Social Media Is Not Your Friend

Topps’ (maker of Ring Pops) recent PR disaster has companies wondering: How does one maintain goodwill on social media?

“‘On social media, there’s no filter and you turn over some editorial control,’ Creaser continued. ‘For that reason, brands have got to have a carefully planned social strategy. You need to think through all possible situations and scenarios that may occur online and plan for how you will respond.'”

Read the full article at Forbes.


A Jumper Cable for Your Phone

photo-1024x768 (8)You’re out late, your phone is dying. This calls for a battery pack. But what happens when that, too, is out of charge, or, what’s more likely, sitting at home?

You need a Plan V.

Plan V is an emergency charger to back up all other chargers. Smaller than a car key, at home on a key chain – think of Plan V as a jumper cable for your phone. It doesn’t store the power itself; it transfers power, in this case, from a nine volt battery.

f28ffae039ed2e108901b26f3bab3fe8_largeWhere can you find batteries? Anywhere. Just like cars and friendly people are ubiquitous when your car needs a jump start, batteries are everywhere when you need to resort to Plan V. Convenience stores come to mind.

The battery connects to Plan V, and Plan V connects to your phone. The power it supplies gives you four hours of active use. That’s enough to call for help about forty-eight times.

When Plan A is dying, and Plan B has failed you, turn to Plan V.


The Future of Mobile Payment

Photo Credit: Ian Muttoo via Flickr cc

Photo Credit: Ian Muttoo via Flickr cc

Payment without cash or credit? Tell me more.

“Companies ranging from Apple to Uber gave consumers a taste of something new in 2014: What it feels like to make a purchase without a wad of cash or the swipe of a credit card.

The companies say their latest payment systems—which use new technology on mobile devices—benefit consumers by reducing “friction,” making it faster and easier for customers to pay for what they want with their smartphones.”

Read the full story at The Wall Street Journal.

Canadian Convenience Store Now Rivals 7-Eleven for Size

Canadian convenience store Couche-Tard buys a rival, Pantry Inc., and now counts itself among the big time convenience store operators of North America. It is a sign of a larger trend: the consolidation of the industry.

“The deal will add about 1,500 stores to Couche-Tard’s network, boosting its presence in the southeastern and Gulf Coast regions of the United States and making it almost as big as 7-Eleven, the world’s largest convenience store operator.

Couche-Tard’s aggressive growth strategy was not surprising, given that the company made an unsuccessful hostile bid for Casey’s General Stores Inc. in 2010. “

Read the full story at Reuters.

Amazon Debuts New and Daring One Hour Delivery

Photo Credit: Szk7788 via Wikimedia Commons cc

Photo Credit: Szk7788 via Wikimedia Commons cc

Amazon goes where no online retailer has (successfully) gone before.

“ Inc. on Thursday introduced Prime Now, a service in Manhattan promising delivery in as soon as one hour.

The service, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, is available in parts of New York, though Amazon said it would expand to other cities next year. Amazon will charge $7.99 for delivery within an hour, though two-hour delivery is free, according to a statement.”

Read the full article at the Wall Street Journal. 


Cirkul – Water Your Way

photo-1024x768 (6)Water is so good for you, but unfortunately, we really don’t drink enough of it. Don’t worry, I’m guilty, too. Either you’re at the mall or the office and all you have to drink from is that germy water fountain (you know what I’m talking about), or you just don’t like water, plain and simple. You can always get some of those flavor powders to put in your water, but they are messy, and once you choose a flavor, you’re stuck with it.

photo-1024x768 (6)

That is why Cirkul came up with the Cirkul Bottle, a filter and flavor bottle. Now water from anywhere can taste as clean and pure as it does from a plastic bottle. You can choose from eight delicious flavor caps that you simply screw onto the top of your Cirkul bottle. When water comes up through the mouthpiece, it instantly becomes flavorful. “But wait,” you say, “I don’t want a flavor overload, just a slight taste.” Don’t worry. You can set the flavor strength for whatever weakness or strength you want. Maybe one sip is strong and the next is weak. And if you want a break from the flavor, just set the cap for water, and flavorless water will come up through the carbon filter without your having to remove the flavor cap. If you get bored of one flavor, switch it out. No flavor can escape into the water bottle base.

Cirkul comes in a variety of colors and with a functional hook. Its non-slip base makes sure it doesn’t slide around, and the bottom can even hold an extra flavor cap. This way, no matter where you go, you can always have water the way you want it.

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