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Millennials Were The Target of Many a Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl 2016 ads were diverse, but most had a common thread: they were targeting millennials. Marketing Dive looks at some of the most engaging of the ads and outlines steps needed

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Mars Eliminates Artificial Colors from All Its Human Food

Over the next five years, Mars will eliminate all artificial colors from its human food products. How it will still manage to produce that shockingly vivid rainbow of colors we’ve

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A Look at the Most Trusted CPG Brands in the United States

BrandSpark International, the marketing research firm that conducted the 2015 survey of 38,000 Americans, found that most of the trusted names are large brands and household names. Familiarity breeds trust,

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Sears’ Struggles Continue; Another 50 Stores Set to Close

Sears is still trying to find its niche as a modern retailer as sales continue slide. Many consumers view Sears as the place their grandmother shopped, and so far the company

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We’re Seeing a Major Shift in What Consumers Want from Their Retailers

The results of a recent study point to out of the box scenarios such as “classroom retail” and “sensory retail” that will set the trends going forward. “The trends are

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Field Agent Goes Undercover at Amazon’s Physical Storefront, Amazon Books

Field Agent visited Amazon Books in Seattle to see if the e-commerce giant can live up to the buzz surrounding its brick and mortar storefronts. “This weekend Field Agent, the

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Whole Foods Is Not the Health Food Mecca It Once Was

Whole Foods is losing its edge. Part of the problem is an increase in high quality organic offerings at competitors like Aldi, Trader Joe’s, and Walmart Neighborhood Markets, but its mediocre

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Target Prepares to Launch a Gender Neutral Kids Home Decor Line

Target is getting ready to introduce a new line of kids decor, called Pillowfort. This will replace their in-house Circo brand, and, like Target’s toy signage following last summers social

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These 6 Packaging Trends Will Change the Look of Beverage Shelves in 2016

Consumers like what they like, and they are not generally interested in major changes to the product itself. Real innovation can (should) only take place at the marketing level, and

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What Gives Some Retailers Seemingly Unlimited Staying Power, While Others Die Out?

What allows a retailer to survive across decades and even centuries, while others come and go? The answer, of course, is complex and highly specific to each company, but there