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EcoVet: A Small Business with a Big Impact

Mike Hagood is no stranger to sustainability. As senior director of Walmart’s Sustainable Value Networks, he was instrumental in pioneering the retail giant’s green initiative. Now Hagood has his own

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“You Missed a Spot” – Sunscreenr Helps You Sunscreen Every Inch

The fewer clothes, the more sunscreen. The more time and sweat and water and towels, the more sunscreen. Seriously, use it. Your skin is precious. You only get one to

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At Last, a Key Ring That Won’t Make You Cry

Keychains are yet another way to express your personality, but you’ll soon find you must pay a price for this particular mode of expression. You’ll have a key ring full

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Wal-Mart Has a New Problem on Its Hands: German Retailers Are Bringing Asda Down

Wal-Mart’s European division, Asda, has had seven quarters straight of declining sales. While they probably can’t be given all the credit, it’s pretty obvious that German retailers Aldi and Lidl

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“Price Matching Policy? What Price Matching Policy?”

Multiple news outlets have reported that Amazon privately revoked its price matching policy toward the beginning of May. Amazon insists that no formal price matching policy ever existed. Instead, customer

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Why Did the Staples-Office Depot Merger Go Down in Regulatory Flames?

A federal judge shot down the proposed Staples-Office Depot merger last week. Neither company intends to fight on – just fume privately and succeed anyway. But the questions remain: Why

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Amazon Just Became the Netflix of Comic Books

For $5.99 a month, comic book enthusiasts can access as much comic book material as they can consume, all delivered to their digital reading devices. Sadly, Marvel and DC won’t be

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Spa-Style Shower Head Infuses Water with Essential Oils

Bath bombs, step aside! There’s a new product in town that can give us a luxury shower without needing to take a bath or go to a spa. Not all

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Don’t Sweat Over The Environment, Stay Cool with Noria

Noria offers a futuristic take on the traditional window air conditioner unit. Most window units are large, clunky, and difficult to install. More importantly, they take a huge toll on

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Wal-Mart Shares Soar Following First Quarter Numbers

Wal-Mart posted strong earnings for the first quarter, blowing away tepid predictions from the financial community and sending shares soaring by 10%. Investments in people and e-commerce are quickly paying