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The Wingman Is a Save Your Own Life Jacket

Here’s a serious fact for you. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, 80% of boat fatalities could have been avoided if the fatalities in question had been wearing lifejackets. So

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Amazon Dominates, But Retailers Don’t Have to Just Sit and Take It

Amazon is a giant in a world of giants, but this giant has gained ascendancy, as demonstrated by the recent phenomenon called Black Friday in July. While the skillfulness and

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Millennials Love Walmart, If You Call Time and Money Spent “Love”

Walmart and millennials have a funny relationship. The data points one way, more data points another. Millennials shop Walmart: fact. They don’t love Walmart: fact. Unravel that if you can.

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TrunkMonkey: The Inflatable, Ultra-Portable Bike Carrier

If you are an avid cyclist like me, then you will appreciate the fact that TrunkMonkey has revolutionized how we carry our bikes. It is nothing close to the standard

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Bratz Makes a Comeback; Barbie Quakes in Her High Heels

MGA Entertainment, the company behind Bratz dolls, and Mattel, who needs no introduction, have been embroiled in lawsuits since 2013, one over trade secrets, another over espionage. In the mean

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Massive Counterfeiting Ring Busted in Beijing; They Were Making iPhones

Counterfeiters were doing a brisk stroke of business in Beijing. They poured over 41,000 fake iPhones into the market, and that’s just this year. “China’s reputation for producing counterfeit goods

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What Happens When You Cross a Sleeping Bag With a Hammock? G2 Bison Bag

In May of 2014, Lance and Julia Williams, owners of Clayborne Outdoor Goods launched the Bison Bag in a successful Kickstarter campaign. When describing this unique concept, Williams states: “It’s

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The Portable Kitchen Station That Helps You Cook Like a Pro

I am fairly new to cooking.  I mean real cooking, where you use your knife to cut up real fruits and vegetables instead of the plastic on boxes and bags.

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Delivering Greatest Share of Amazon’s Packages, Post Office Has Positioned Itself for E-commerce Era

Leveraging a labor force that is visiting consumers’ homes 6, and even 7 times per week already, one analyst estimates that Amazon is saving roughly 50% on shipping costs, by

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Pricing Pressure Making It Difficult for Retailers to Pass Cost of “Free Shipping” to Consumers

We all know that the customer is paying for “Free Shipping” (by way of higher prices on the merchandise they buy) even though they may not ever see it itemized