Patchnride: Flat Fixes Fast and Easy

10358704_897509280274904_8316693402331935734_nBicycling is play, transportation, work, or exercise, depending on who you are. From elite athletes, to active grandmas, to small children, bike riding is an activity that spans age and ability. That said, a flat is the great equalizer.  It matters not how elite or novice you are, a flat will stop you cold.  Enter the Patchnride, a quick and permanent flat tire fix that doesn’t even require you to remove the wheel from your bike.  It fixes flats for all bike types, even jogging strollers.  It’s not a sealant, and it’s not just a quick fix to get you home.  It’s a permanent repair, done is as little as 60 seconds.  The Leak Detector allows you to quickly find the source of the leak, and it works for holes up to 3mm. Currently available online, Patchnride is convenient, fast, and permanent.


Geco Hub Grips and Holds Your Treasures

3e985e85ce427b7303f660ccbb11a965_largeHow many small but indispensable items pass through our hands every day? Car keys, wallet, cell phone… lose any one of them and everything stops. Our overfamiliarity with these objects works against us. We switch into autopilot the moment we walk through our own front doors and can’t for the life of us remember afterward what we did with anything during that time.

f4466c247acc7bfce6819be8e58c3350_largeHome organizational units abound. Geco Hub‘s design sets it apart.

Twenty-five flexible discs on twenty-five four-pronged supports attach to one sturdy frame. To commit an important item to Geco Hub’s care, simply press it in among the discs. They will flex and re-form around said item, gripping it securely and in plain sight. Geco Hub can hold anything, big or small: cell phones and toothbrushes, wallets and teddy bears, medicine bottles and grocery lists. Geco-Hub-Toy-Storage-Closeup (1)


Human hands can remove objects from Geco Hub’s
custody with ease. Not so with bumps, jolts, falls, or shakes. The silicone rubber discs will trap and hold the treasure entrusted to them until a deliberate force relieves them of it. Take Geco Hub sailing and in the RV and stop chasing a hundred tiny scraps and gadgets across the floor.



The Mightiest Speaker

images (1)Finally, a bluetooth speaker fit for white water rafting.

Its removable suction cup fastens securely to almost any smooth surface – maybe even the top of a raft. You don’t know until you try. The drenching spray can do it no harm: the Mighty Speaker is not just water resistant, but completely waterproof. In the event of a capsize, when all your worldly rafting goods disappear into the turbid and stormy depths, there you’ll find your Mighty Speaker, floating neatly atop the surface.

20140721114352-Mighty_Speaker_Floating_in_Caribbean_2Yes. Floating.

This speaker packs into a three and a quarter inch diameter music playing and phone call answering capabilities. You can pause, skip, and replay songs, adjust the volume, talk to buddies and to Siri, without ever removing your phone from its water tight container, wherever it may be stashed.

20140721115449-Mighty_Colors (1)

Gone is the perpetual fear for our electronic treasures when in any kind of proximity to water. They need never see it. The Mighty Speaker stands in the gap.

I have an image in my head of a bathtub filled and steaming, with Mighty Speaker bobbing serenely on the surface.

It hardly needs mentioning that the Mighty Speaker is dust and sand-proof. If water cannot work its way through, could sand? Though I don’t know why you’d do it, still, if it strikes your fancy, bury this speaker in the sand.

Functional Fashion For Your Fridge

The modern refrigerator is one appliance that no household can do without, yet which has not figured out a way to self clean.  The oven cleans itself; why not the fridge? Yet we 1979907_696004710457192_3198299194269720954_oare still left practically dismantling the entire thing, shelf by shelf and drawer by drawer, every few months to clean this appliance. That doesn’t include the countless wipes and spot cleanings done on a weekly, if not daily, basis. The Fridge Coaster is a ingeniously simple remedy to this problem. If it won’t clean itself, the next best thing is to simply throw away the mess.


Invented by Ben Rudnick in response to the constant wiping of baby bottle rings after his first child was born, the Fridge Coaster is a food-industry grade wood pulp coaster board, just 2 mm thick, that fits perfectly into door bins, coaster bins, and shelves. They are super absorbent, and can take in 4-5 times their weight in liquid should something actually spill. But the true genius lies in the simplicity of keeping the fridge clean with sturdy, disposable liners that also enhance the look of shelves and bins with fun colors and cool designs. They can be wiped down easily, but when they become dirty, simply take ‘em out and toss ‘em. The Fridge Coaster is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, and, if a simple wipe down is all that is required, remarkably fast drying (unlike rubber mats which hold moisture and must be taken out, scrubbed, and air dried). Available online and in specialty shops across the US, we hope this product makes its way into major retailers soon.


Toogiez: A Wearable Best Friend

fe6740d6c1dc246e4c9b7fc69296f270_largeThere is no love like that between a child and his/her comfort object. Comfort object – so the psychologists have termed it, but this seems a cold and impersonal name to give a best friend.

These toys or blankets or stuffed animals – really, it could be a desk lamp, so long as a child loves it – have their own stories and personalities, and of course their own names, all bestowed upon them out of the fullness of an infant heart. They were meant to go everywhere with the small people that love them. How better than fastened to the chest?

Toogiez do just that. You’ve heard the phrase “joined at the hip”? A Toogy and its child
are joined by the shirt: a specially made cotton t-shirt with a Velcro patch on its front,
corresponding to a similar patch on the back of the little plush toy’s head. A Toogy won’t be lost and needn’t be left behind.
e72dedf0be45fcd1227096bc549c0acc_large (1)

A plethora of interchangeable Toogiez suit the day and mood of their young wearers. Ballerina, pirate, fairy, astronaut, doctor, princess, super hero, singer, firefighter, and guitar player Toogiez match aspirational moods. Teddy bear, dinosaur, dog, cat, bunny, duck, and elephant Toogiez are the sorts you’d want by you in a thunderstorm.



Totally Bananas For Frozen Bananas

Summertime is well underway, and as the calendar moves along, so does the junk food overload for kids who routinely indulge in the basic summertime treats of popsicles and ice cream bars. A better choice for parents, club leaders, and camp counselors when doling out cool treats to kiddos on a hot summer day is the Totally Bananas Chocolate Banana.  18-inch-round

Touted as a “better-for-you” frozen treat, this yummy nugget of summertime goodness is dairy free, gluten free, and transfat free. They are full sized bananas that are flash frozen, then dipped in gourmet dark chocolate. If another layer of yumminess is desired, they also come rolled in rainbow sprinkles, finely ground peanuts, or lime misted toasted coconut. The result is a delicious frozen novelty product that packs a powerful nutritional punch.  A perfect blend of indulgent and better for you at the same time, it’s a great ice cream and popsicle alternative.  Currently available in Canada, the Northeastern US, and Florida, look for Totally Bananas Chocolate Banana treats to begin making their way into new markets.

Mighty Mug: Klutzes Rejoice

A mug that refuses, yes refuses to tip over when bumped. The Mighty Mug is every klutzes dream come true. Set it in the shopping cart, at the computer desk beside that vulnerable keyboard, or on the coffee table next to the novel you’re reading with no fear of messy spills and damage to your papers or electronics. This mug is worth its weight in homework and laptop computers.

originaloriginal (1)

The patented Smartgrip Technology holds tight to any flat surface when bumped, yet releases easily when lifted normally. Might Mug is dishwasher safe, BPA free, leak proof, and available in two styles and an assortment of colors. Currently available in select Bed Bath & Beyond stores and online. Drink up worry free, no matter how clumsy you may be!

GEEPS Rescues Files from a Doomed Computer

GEEPS is the Robinson Crusoe of flash drives. With it, you can travel back to the geeps-usb-300x210shipwreck of your computer and click and drag your files to safety.

Even when faced with The Blue Screen of Death, you need not lose a single photo. The GEEPS flash drive can boot your computer independently by bypassing the hard drive, resuscitating the computer without relying on compromised hardware.

(A note on hardware: GEEPS only works on mechanically sound computers. If you’ve spilled your beverage all over the keyboard, you’re out of luck.)


Once you’ve powered up your PC through GEEPS, detailed instructions, all in layman’s terms, will appear on the screen. You will see your files ranged before you, their contents clearly visible. Click and drag them to [the icon representing] a safe place – either the GEEPS flash drive or some other external drive.

GEEPS sidesteps viruses, malware – any software or operating system problem at all – to save your data out of its broken vessel. If your life is a series of mechanical difficulties, you need only one GEEPS drive to rescue your content over and over again.



Bunch O Balloons: A New Day For Water Wars

Summertime just got a whole lot better. That old summertime standby, the water balloon fight, just became a lot less work and a lot more fun.  Bunch O Balloons is a truly revolutionary product when it comes to old fashioned summer fun.


From Josh Malone of Tinnus Enterprises comes an amazing invention dubbed Bunch O Balloons, that is sure to cause a huge resurgence in summertime water fights for all ages. Forget the tedium of filling and tying individual water balloons. That takes longer than the water fight itself!  Bunch O Balloons hooks directly to a garden hose and fills 37 (yes, THIRTY SEVEN) balloons in seconds. Turn off the water, give the hose a little shake and off they fall, neatly tied and ready to hurl.  Up to 100 (yes, ONE HUNDRED) balloons can be filled in one minute.


Bunch O Balloons can be found on Kickstarter, with an absurdly successful campaign well underway. This is a product that should be a summer shelf staple of every major retailer. Summertime fun at its best!





Easy Lock Makes Hard the Lives of Lawbreakers

downloadI have unlocked doors with hair pins, screw drivers, coat hangers, paper clips, and pennies. I put no very great faith in locked doors.

Door chains only scare off timid or uninventive would-be intruders (one hard push would pop the chain; a crowbar would lift it from its sliding slot). Tech savvy scoundrels can mess with the programming on hotel key cards. Any former resident of any rented house could have made innumerable copies of its keys.

Clearly, heavy furniture piled skillfully and strategically against a closed door is the only effective bar against murder and plunder.

But when you get tired of dragging dressers and end tables across hotel room floors, the Easy Lock is the next best thing.

10380755_1488208771416052_3667964708901797998_nUnlike a dresser, the Easy Lock fits in your pocket. It secures the inside of an inward-opening door, leaving no part exposed to tampering.

To install the Easy Lock, simply insert it into the door catch and fit the peg into the lowest corner of the arrowhead, wedging the door tight. To verify a visitor’s identity, lift the peg out of the arrow corner and let it slide back – it will go no further than the arrow’s far end, about three inches. Still the door is firmly wedged, secure against all comers.

Someone could conceivably break through this lock, but they would have to be very determined. And it would probably take the door with it.

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