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Strip: Silicone Pads Give Slippery Phones Traction

Phones these days are not just super functional, they are beautiful. Unfortunately, they are also fairly delicate with their large glass screens. With their sleek appearance, it is almost a

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CompREST: the Vacuum-Packed Foam Camping Bed

The inflatable bed was the king of camping luxury. But they do have their inherent issues. Air beds leak. Or they can become punctured before you even hit your campsite,

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This Knife Is on a Roll

While not everyone knows how to cook, most of us know how to use a knife. We prepare salads, cut sandwiches and pizza, and turn fruit into bite-size snacks, all

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FORMcard: “Make, Fix, and Modify” with Just a Small Card and Hot Water

Have you ever been camping or hiking far from the local hardware store, when something you needed – a tool, a utensil, a tent post – breaks?  Sure, there’s always

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Flosstime, the Smart Dispenser That Reminds You to Floss Every Day

Most people really don’t like visiting the dentist. One of the main reasons is because they are worried they’ll be scolded for neglecting to floss their teeth! Flosstime is a

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Amazon Targets the One Kind of Holiday Shopper That Brick and Mortar Retailers Thought Was Safe

Historically, e-commerce has served the patient and the provident, the shoppers who were willing to delay gratification and the shoppers who knew what they wanted in advance of when they

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The Coolest Cooler Is in Hot Water

The Coolest Cooler is selling for $499 on Amazon, and its backers may never forgive it. “The contraption known as the Coolest, a portable outdoor party station that not only

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The Loud Mini Is a Car Horn for Your Bike

Biking is a great alternative to driving, but being on the road with all those heavy vehicles can be very dangerous. The Loud Mini is a small bike horn that

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Trendy LED Clock Strikes in Funky Colors

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a practical item taking a wild turn in an artsy direction, transforming it into a conversation piece rather than just an everyday object. Needless

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PigiBak: The Wallet that Rides Your Phone

Girls, we all know that concerts, amusement parks, casinos, clubs, or even shopping for the holidays are a lot more fun without the extra weight and worry of keeping up