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Quaker Oats Is in Legal Trouble Over Its “100% Natural” Claim

There are those words again, “100% Natural.” No one knows exactly what that means, and there are no regulations in place to tell us. PepsiCo owned Quaker Oats is the

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These Two Grocers Are Opening… Food Trucks?

Food trucks are a booming business, and they may represent a new opportunity for grocers: a way to stand out from the crowd of retailers opting to innovate through grocery

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Mobile Commerce Is Causing Huge Retail Shifts

Online and mobile commerce is the biggest disruption in retail in recent years. Companies are being forced to redirect assets and shift focus faster than at any other time in

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Fix Your Slouch with Smart Straps and an App

Did you know that even the slightest change in your posture can add as much as 15 to 20 pounds of pressure to your spine, back and neck? Bad posture

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Wal-Mart Will Enforce Its SAO Initiative for All Suppliers

More and more customers are searching for products online before purchasing in store. Not being able to find the product online is a source of frustration, as consumers continually demand

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What Does Whole Foods’ New 365 Brand Mean for Its Existing Stores?

Whole Foods’ smaller store format, dubbed “365 by Whole Foods Market,” reflects what the company is calling the evolution of food shopping, defined by convenience and lower prices. What that

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Aeropostale Just Became the Latest in a String of Retail Bankruptcies

Aeropostale has become the latest in a horrifyingly long line of retail bankruptcies. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the company will be closing 100 of its teen fashion

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Sports Authority Has Finally Hit the End of the Road

Unable to reorganize under bankruptcy protection, on May 16th, Sports Authority will auction off nearly all its assets for whatever they will bring. Though nothing definite has been announced, the

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Oh Baby Foods Sells to Blackhive Corp.

Fran Free, founder of Oh Baby Foods and Selling to the Masses expert contributor, has sold her successful organic baby food business to Blackhive Corp. Founded in 2009, Free’s all

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Insider Secrets of Influence Marketing

Stephanie McCratic broke into the world of influence marketing through her blog, Evolved Mommy. She wrote about technology and family until e-commerce companies swept her away to produce the same