A Book to Read By

Lumio_Two_UP_ONHow would you like to skim your bookshelf, select a quaint old tome with a wooden spine, open its covers, and have your eyes dazzled by 500 lumens? You’ll find no words on these pages. This is Lumio, the book lamp.

The illuminated pages are of Tyvek: water resistant, hard to tear, opaque, semi-stiff, lightweight Tyvek. The covers are of solid wood, walnut, cherry, or maple, with walnut being significantly darker than the other two. Hidden within are neodymium magnets: Lumio is magnetic. Lumio_UserImage44

Lumio originated in an architect’s mind; its simplicity proves it. An unadorned cover holds unadorned pages; the light is white and clear.

A full charge will carry Lumio through 8 full hours. Recharge it by USB cord. Place Lumio with its covers flat, or hang it with its covers folded back one against the other. Stick it up against a metal surface, or leave it on the shelf beside your reading chair. Carry it around with you and pull it out when you’d usually reach for a flashlight. Endlessly surprising is the book that glows brilliantly.

Shoes That Change Every Day

photo-main (38)Sometimes kids have difficulty learning to express themselves, especially those who have special emotional needs. Kim White, inspired by her daughter with special needs, partnered with her husband to create Motto shoes.

“Life is all about Expression!” is the company’s motto, and you can tell by looking at their unique product. The flip flops are made with snaps to clip a variety of decorative characters to. The snaps for the characters, or charms, line the straps of the shoes and are not irritable to sensory-sensitive children. The charms help kids recognize and identify different facial expressions.

f5788b6c7799a7664183b9c0fc7b606f_largeWith one pair of flip flops, your child is able to experience and design dozens. The charms can be rearranged in any order your child likes, making the shoes seem brand new every day.

The shoebox is designed to look like a vintage lunch box and comes with a backpack so that no charms go missing. Inside the shoebox is a snap board to hold all the different charms. The charms can be traded between friends and are made so that your kids can place and remove them easily by themselves.

These shoes will help with creative development and self expression among all kids. I’ve never seen shoes that can be so fun and functional!



The Smartest Carry-On

20141021212737-000The Bluesmart Carry-On is the most helpful thing you’ll find in an airport. Maybe that isn’t saying much.

About Bluesmart, you almost can’t say enough. It’s like carrying a personal travel assistant in your suitcase.

You pack your bag, leaving the things airport security wants to see in the easy access front pocket. Is it too heavy? Can you afford to take along that extra something? Put Bluesmart on the ground and pull up on the handle. Then check your phone. Bluesmart weighs itself and sends the result to your smartphone. 20140930132151-05

At the airport, you see strangers everywhere. With all your worldly goods in your suitcase, can your vigilance ever rest? Bluesmart locks digitally, and even automatically when its proximity sensors sense that you’re away. At the same time, it sends an alert to your smartphone, in case you’ve actually forgotten it.

The built in battery holds enough juice to charge your electronic device several times over. If Bluesmart is lost, the smartphone app can track it down. You get an alert if Bluesmart is tampered with. It rolls on four wheels. This is a suitcase for the twenty-first century.

The Think Drink

drinks-altIf the words “bright eyed and bushy tailed” only apply to you in bitter irony, hear now of the fruity and delicious Think Drink and consider.

Neuroscientists designed TruBrain to improve brain function in all the ways that matter, that measurably improve performance.

Alpha and beta are the two types of waves your brain gives off when you’re fully conscious. Beta waves indicate alertness; Alpha, relaxation, optimal learning state. TruBrain enhances both.

A box comes every month with thirty-four Think Drinks: twenty for the mornings, ten for the afternoons, and four for the days that have you pulling out your hair. You know the type. The morning drinks have caffeine, the afternoon drinks do not.

All the ingredients are safe, heavily researched, many of them occurring already in a healthy diet: Magnesium like you’d find in spinach, choline like you’d find in almonds, theanine – green tea extract – and tyrosine, found in lima beans and avocados. Think Drinks are dietary supplements, too, improving your health in the long run and improving performance in the short.

Power Devices with Your Physical Activity

8962981c782bb17be0e9c7e69df203cf_largeHave you ever wondered what happens to the energy you exert when you move?

AMPY is a wearable device that uses the energy exerted by your body to charge phones and other USB-powered gadgets. It works by storing your kinetic (moving) energy, making it available for you to use later.

A short 30 minute run or hour long bike ride provides an additional 3 hours of battery life to the average smartphone. Because AMPY uses renewable energy that you generate, it reduces your carbon footprint significantly.

There is no need to use all the energy you produce at once. AMPY stores up to a week’s worth of physical energy, makes it available for months, and charges smartphones just as quickly as traditional wall outlets do. If for whatever reason you cannot charge AMPY manually, you can easily plug it into a power outlet.

8962981c782bb17be0e9c7e69df203cf_largeA variety of accessories are available for AMPY, and because AMPY is half the size of a standard smartphone, it fits anywhere. While there are creative ways to use AMPY (strapping it to dogs or using it while dancing), there are armbands for you to strap to your arm or leg when you run or ride a bicycle, clips for you to attach to your belts, and sleeves for you to protect AMPY while it’s in your purse or pocket.

While you run, walk, bike, and move, the AMPY smartphone app keeps track of how many calories you burn, how much usable energy you generate, and how much you reduce your carbon footprint. The AMPY app is very useful, but AMPY works perfectly without it.

A Bulb That Mimics the Light of the Sun, Moon, and Stars

LStackAlba01ight is all around us and is so significant that it affects our emotions. Surrounding ourselves with lights of specific temperatures and brightnesses can alter our moods.

Alba is a light bulb that constantly adapts to the time and atmosphere. Throughout the day, the Alba bulb changes in intensity and color to increase productivity and energy efficiency and can simulate any environment you want.

During the daytime, Alba emits bright, white light to help you focus, and in the evening, it provides warm, relaxing light to imitate the light of a sunset. Although Alba is constantly working, it is still highly energy efficient.

At night, Alba gives a low glow that mimics the light of the moon. It lets you see but does not wake up anyone else as would be the case with a bright, standard light.

There is no need for switches with Alba because Alba is equipped with sensors that detect when someone enters and leaves a room, making Alba especially helpful to children who cannot reach standard light switches.

Alba bulbs communicate with each other via the hub, and although adjustments are seldom necessary, users have the ability to control the hub and settings from their smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world.

Towers of Light

121bf76dd154d2577beb5e5be63b1fa8_largeAre your building blocks failing to amaze? Tangeez are building blocks of light.

They snap together magnetically and change color with every new combination. Individually, each Tangee can be one of three colors, together, one of seven. Red, blue, and green light combine and recombine to form the seven color spectrum.

Three prongs pair with three holes, like Legos. Don’t bother resisting the urge to arrange and rearrange to see all possible light combinations. A couple inches in width and not even two in height, Tangeez are made to be handled.

6bcdd924c60dcb8784822a4eb391be7e_largeMade from the stuff of milk jugs, Tangeez can take a beating. They are a toy for the smallest child to the most serious minded adult. Use them for ambient light in the office space, a handheld nightlight for timid sleepers, a lantern to illuminate dim places.

For so much fun, one must pay. A small stack of Tangeez (three lights and one base plate) sells for $45. A really big stack (yes, please), $270.



A Case That Keeps Your Phone OnYou

06fb2de7d6d727afc82a0e40e0285488_largeI love listening to music when I work out; it keeps me motivated and energized. But most of the time there is no easy way to take my phone on a bike ride or run without the fear of it dropping or the inevitable irritation of Velcro. OnYou is different–it’s comfortable, secure, and useful aside from exercise.

OnYou pairs with Under Armour ® to make the light compression sleeve that distributes the weight of your phone evenly on your arm. The sleeve comes with a light case for your smartphone. Your phone attaches magnetically to it. The cases have 48 pounds of magnetic pull, allowing you to run, bike, or kick as much as you would like without your 052d443fe95e887ca22ff53372d8921c_largephone leaving your side. These magnets are also great because they won’t damage your credit cards or any processing or data on your phone.

As well as being secure, your phone also isn’t trapped away and inaccessible during your workout. If you need to change the song or respond to a text, your phone is just a grab away. The OnYou armband is also great for safety, including a theft prevention cord. The 6-inch nylon cord connects to the OnYou phone case and arm band, ensuring that you return home with what you left with. If you don’t want to use the cord, simply unclip it from the band and case.

The magnetic case is also great for keeping track of your phone, allowing you to put it on the fridge or any other magnetic surface. The OnYou is a unique armband that will satisfy all of your safety, comfort, and convenience needs.



Bottles Aloft

e144b702b49ab6810099643d00508f33_largeBottleLoft solves the essentially first world problem of having too much food to store in a refrigerator seven feet high.

Three neodymium magnets on an adhesive plastic panel mounted to the ceiling of your fridge attract and hold bottle caps. The attraction is strong enough to hold a bottle weighing nearly five pounds – enough force to avoid shattered glass, but not enough to require pulling and tugging when thirsty.

The benefit? All that space near the fridge ceiling goes to good use, freeing up shelf space for things like pizza and leftover casserole.

Now your bottles of cream soda hang aloft.





How to Strip Down in Public Without Drawing Attention

e0a2a9a37f24f3e90cb6b0df55b60d69_largeWork out clothes are comfortable. Post work out clothes are less so. Cold and clammy and damp, smelling something short of roses… A woman may be excused if she’s desperate to get out of them.

Within The Undress, you’re fully clothed the whole time you’re undressing. It’s like an infinitely more fashionable shower curtain.

Step into The Undress and pull it up to your waist. Slip the cord under your shirt and over your neck, drawing The Undress up after it. Shirts and unmentionables come off over the head, while The Undress stays behind to preserve decency. A new shirt goes over The Undress. Through secret pockets on the sides, you can work shorts down to the ankles, putting on new pants the same way. Remove the cord from about the neck, slip it back down through the new shirt, step out of The Undress, and voila! Fully dressed without ever being undressed.

Watch the video for a demonstration.


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