No-Nut Butters, Made From You’ll Never Guess What

A raging nut allergy is anxiety for parents and frustration for kids. The one sees danger everywhere, and the other just wants to eat like his friends.

The Sneaky Chef has been sneaking healthy foods into kids’ treats for some time now. Her latest: No-Nut Chocolate Butter. Made from peas, no less. That is sneaky.

No-Nut Chocolate Butter mimics the taste of the kid favorite Nutella while leaving out every food allergen known to man, as well as anything this health conscious culture deems dubious: nuts, peanuts, soy, dairy, gluten, anything genetically modified, and half of the sugar.


Since vegetables were all the real foodstuff that remained, No-Nut Butters began as golden peas, somehow transformed (that’s the Sneaky Chef’s secret, isn’t it?) into a creamy and chocolatey spread. No-Nut Butters are for children with allergies, yes, but also for anyone looking for a healthier alternative to a favorite food.

You can find Creamy No-Nut Butter in grocery stores and on big retailer websites (on, by the caseload on The Chocolate variety is currently live on Kickstarter.



The Round Ruler

photo-main (24)The tape measure is lost and you must make do with a ruler. You measure twelve inches and flip the ruler over deliberately, end over end, to measure another twelve. Was that twenty-four inches? Was your flip precise?

And what if the surface is curved? Without a tape measure, that situation is hopeless.

The Roler is a round ruler to measure long and curved surfaces. It fits into a pencil bag when a standard ruler won’t. With the standard twelve inch Roler, each rotation equals one foot. You have only to count the rotations.

Also available in ten inch and twenty-five centimeter measure, the Roler resembles a rolling measuring stick – the wheel on a pole that measures the distance around a race track. But it is for you to calculate the length Roler has traveled: the number of rotations times twelve inches/ten inches/twenty-five centimeters.

The Roler unties the ruler from the two dimensional and unleashes it on everything else.

Smokeless Cookstove Powered by the Sun

photo-main (25)A face full of smoke is the main feature of most hot dog roasts in my memory. Burning eyes, thick throat, and feverish skin do not a good appetite make.

The Ace 1 No Smoke Stove improves outdoor cooking and people’s lives. Smoke is not only unpleasant, but potentially dangerous, and many people of the third world have no other option than to cook over open flame.

Ace 1 burns smokelessly. You won’t have the smell of smoke soaking into your clothes and hair, or the damaging effects of frequent smoke inhalation. And you won’t be signalling your presence for miles around.

Ace 1 burns everything you feed it, so it requires very little to burn. Solar energy collected by the built in solar panel powers the smokeless stove, as well as the USB and DC port built into the base. Fans stoke the fire, which burns hot (as hot as eighteen hundred degrees Fahrenheit) though nearly out of sight.

Compatible with almost any pan of any size, the Ace 1 also comes with a griddle for grilling. Because it doesn’t store grease, the Ace 1 won’t burst into spontaneous roaring flame – unlike some grills in our experience.

When the vittles are cooked and consumed, tip out a quarter sized handful of ashes and clean up is done.


Tiny Iron for Standard and Unusual Use

Collar Perfect resembles a flip open cell phone and functions like a straight iron. It clasps the edge of the ironed material between two flaps and straightens what it clasps, ironing on the go what you wouldn’t otherwise have gotten around to for a week.

b700a40a521f1ca17bfd8da9821c6b95_largeYou can even safely use it to iron clothes already on your body – not recommended with a standard iron. Because it clasps rather than presses, Collar Perfect takes between its two heated flaps only the ironed material: shirt collars, skirts hems, spaces between buttons. All it requires is a wall outlet.

You needn’t double up: Collar Perfect can operate like a standard iron when the two clip flaps spread like wings in opposite directions.





Anti-Grain Flour

photo-main (23)Like the rest of us, gluten free-ers love to bake. They’d be the last to give up homemade cookies, brownies, breads, hence the vast numbers of gluten-free recipes and blogs. They gave up gluten to be healthy, not miserable.

I’ve poked around in the gluten-free grocery section. The words “pale” and “dusty” came to mind. The offerings looked anemic.

Nothing at all anemic about Anti-Grain Flours. The vibrant color and thick texture won me over instantly, and the anti-grain movement puzzled me a little less.

Available in three varieties, Apple, Squash, and Sweet Potato, Anti-Grain Flours retain the flavor and nutrients of their fruity-veggie bases. Each has one ingredient only, the ingredient you see printed across the package, all grown in the U.S.A.

4a9c247d64039a79a7468e3d25c0be9d_largeUnlike other gluten-free flours, Anti-Grain is not mainly special for what it leaves out, but for what it leaves in. Its appeal is wider because its nutrition value is higher. My health-conscious mother used to sneak whole cans of pumpkin into our pancakes. The result was… interesting. But Sweet Potato Flour pancakes would lack the wet lumpiness and keep the veggie nutritiousness. How about the favorite apple bread recipe? Does it not seem meant to be?

The makers of Anti-Grain Flours put their product to the test in cookies, brownies, bagels, doughnuts. They reported happy results.

Announcing CPG School

Our purpose in launching Selling to the Masses was to shine a spotlight on the talent in Northwest Arkansas (the undisputed center of the retailing universe), drawing together a network of experts that would develop, mentor, and support the founders and leaders of early stage consumer product companies from across the country on their journey from concept to shelf.

For the past several months, we have focused primarily on the development of content and outside CPGSchoolLogopartnerships.

Our first step was to assemble a team of writers and editors to identify and feature Hot New Products and to share experiences and advice From Our Experts.

We then partnered with one of the best video production teams around, Vendorville Media, and began producing our Conversations Series and our soon to be launched Development Series.

And we found amazing partners in The Mars Agency, Collective BiasCastrol (among others), that shared our vision early, and invested in our capabilities.

But everything we have done up to now has been building toward what we are so excited to announce today:

CPG School.

CPG School is a one day conference where the founders and leaders of early stage consumer product companies from all across the country gather in Northwest Arkansas to sharpen their skills, establish important contacts, and interact with some of the brightest minds and most experienced leaders in retailing and consumer product marketing.

Attendee will learn:

  • How the leaders of several successful CPG companies got started, the mistakes that they’ve made, what surprised them, and what happened as their companies grew.
  • What major retailers are looking for in new supplier partners, and how to get their attention.
  • How to attract outside investment capital to grow your company.

Then they’ll stick around for a networking event in the evening, where they will meet even more experts and investors from the community.

We are so excited to be hosting our first event in Rogers on November 13th. We hope you will spread the word and join us there.

SumBlox: Building Mathematics

b156f6c15216df3082882f2dfc4cbbde_largeChildren are concrete thinkers. They take everything literally, and anything they learn must make intuitive sense if it is to be retained.

What could be more intuitive than number blocks whose values correspond to their size?

Stacked one upon another, SumBlox numbers equal each other when their heights are equal. So the seven and the three stacked one on another are of equal height to the stacked four and six,  the one and nine, the two and eight, the lonesome ten, and so on.

042c8dc022a613d073b5abd45ae8dd44_largeThe multiplication blocks work the same way. Stacks of the same height are of the same value. With stacks of different height, children can get a feel for difference in value and how much. Repeated addition and factoring become a function of physical size, not white board abstraction.

And of course, Sublox are really fun just as building blocks.



Modify Your Motorcycle Helmet to Glow Like a Comet

2780fe62349eaeeaf05b96c4585224a7_largeYears ago, my driver’s ed teacher put me behind the wheel and lined up three students in my blind spot to demonstrate how motorcycles disappear. Even when I checked my blind spot with all diligence, that motorcycle-sized spot stayed blind. It was too small to see.

Motorcyclists can use every bit of visibility they can get. LightMode permanently modifies helmets to glow unmistakably. You’ll look like you stepped out of the movie Tron.

The LightMode kit comes with three basic parts: the wires and tape, the battery, and the controller (the mounting supplies need no explanation). Wires and tape give off the glow, the rechargeable battery powers the glow, and the controller manages settings: steady glow, blinking light, and power off.

The curvature of the glowing lines over the helmet’s surface emphasizes its shape and clearly identifies you as a helmeted motorcyclist, automatically warning drivers to have a care.

a74dcbf760da8df7908a7bc8f98c7e0a_largeThe color of your helmet’s glow is according to your preference. Some colors burn more intensely than others, with blue glowing brightest. Next come green, white, yellow, purple, then red.

If your arts and crafting days are over, and you no longer feel sure of yourself with handfuls of adhesives and tape, LightMode provides fully equipped helmets for non-DIYers.


Flash Drive Right on Hand

0c6ff7e5c5b4eea2c48c44cece2fe55e_large (1)Tired of digging around in your purse, backpack, or pocket for that elusive USB flash drive?  Flash drives are one of those tiny objects that have a tendency to work their way to the bottom of whatever you have put them inside.  Search no more. The UU-U Memory Ring enables you to keep your flash drive right on your finger.  When you need to use the flash drive, simply slip off the ring and flip back the top to reveal the flash drive hidden inside.

68e761bc6d6352738fcabb88a0536bcc_largeThe Memory Ring has a sleek, modern-looking design.  It comes in styles suitable for men and women.  There are a variety of metals such as gold, silver, rose gold, and steel from which to choose.

In addition, the Memory Ring is a great conversation piece.  Imagine how interested people will be when your ring turns out to be a flash drive.  They will be sure to ask, “Where did you get such a thing?  I want one of those!”

The Clipboard Is Obsolete Now

a32276758131e79c6c05c9de48f50b54_largeThe ClipBook addresses every single one of the vaguely annoying problems that together make up the traditional clipboard.

The clipboard holds papers by a single metal rod. When it comes time to store and transport those papers, they’re flopping around in every direction, refusing to be delicately slid into a computer bag side pocket or anything else. The ClipBook has a hard cover of book cloth, front and back. When flipped over your papers, the front cover holds them in place for easy storage and protection from the elements. The ClipBook cover is waterproof, and your important notes aren’t. Better, the cover is magnetic. Throw the ClipBook against the refrigerator or a metal filing cabinet and it will stick.

photo-main (22)What holds the paper in place is magnetic, too. Instead of the pinching force of a narrow metal rod, theClipBook’s magnetic rod (of the same material as the cover), its force distributed over a wide surface area, holds paper just as securely without potential injury to unwary fingers.

For serial notetakers – the ones with piles and piles of “very important” papers on their desks and in their dresser drawers – ClipBooks stack one upon another and stick together magnetically. You could use them like you use spiral bound notebooks, each with its own subject.


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