A Sippy Cup That Solves All the Problems

photo-main (47)I have some very unpleasant memories involving sippy cups. Black mold features heavily. That, and hunting the tiny and transparent valves out of obscure corners of my dishwasher.

Poli does things differently. Every part is tethered to every other part. The lid comes off with the valves all in one piece, impossible to lose. The small parts open up, exposed to the full force of the dishwasher’s spray. Black mold, otherwise inevitable, doesn’t stand a chance.

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Kids can unscrew lids. Let’s not deceive ourselves. If you don’t want your little angel bathing in the contents of his sippy cup, you need something more than the standard screw on tight lids. Poli’s lid has two tabs that must be squeezed like a pill bottle before it will unscrew: truly childproof.

Of course, a childproof lid won’t do much good if the cup itself is shivered all to pieces. Though it be thrown from a high chair ever so high, Poli remains intact. It may scratch; it will not break.

6382499ce6494abad8adab5b5343b9f3_largePoli cups come in three varieties: Humpty Dumpty, Hey Diddle Diddle, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The artwork is stunning, the rhymes are complete, wrapping around the whole cup.

Made in the USA, BPA and phthalate and lead free, Poli is a sippy cup you can feel good about. Liquid flows freely through the valves, no hard sucking required. Poli even comes with dust covers, stored on the bottom of the cup. Gwendolyn Keefe thought of everything when she thought of Poli, and it was a good thought.


Krazy Good Vegan Cookies

kgc-slide-01-1024x326Vegan cookies.  The very idea conjures up images of sawdust and tastelessness.  Maria Hubscher, a Wellness Coach and owner of a fitness and health studio, developed a vegan recipe and soon realized that her cookies were different. Gone was the sawdust texture and lack of taste that most vegans endure when trying to enjoy a simple dessert.  Her friends were in awe of the flavor and health benefits.  There was nothing on the market that compared that she could find, so she set out to market her inspiration.

These chocolate chip cookies are made with sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips for a unique healthy-yet-sweet flavor, and are known as the “Sunshine Mix”.  They are 100% gluten, wheat, egg, and dairy free: truly vegan, and perfect for those with gluten and lactose intolerance as well.  Made with 100% natural ingredients, they are little powerhouses of fiber, Omega-3’s, and protein in a cookie, making them more than an indulgence.  Great for a quick snack or even breakfast on the go, Krazy Good cookies are currently available online. More flavor options (Lemon Chia and Banana Oatmeal Raisin, yum!) and wider distribution are expected soon.

The Image on Your Phone Screen, A Photo in Your Hands

photo-main (48)Pictures taken on our phones often stay there, languishing out of sight and out of mind. Many steps intervene between the image on your screen and a photo you can hold in your hands, and only rarely are any of them taken.

Snapjet cuts down the number of steps to one, turning the picture on your smartphone screen into a Polaroid photo at the press of a button. No wires, no Bluetooth, no apps. Instant analog film and contact between the phone screen and the tiny printer’s surface is sufficient. Snapjet uses the light from a smartphone screen to develop the photo. The photos printed are as high in resolution as the screen display is.

4a914196a076c028a8932c954332c3e6_largeSnapjet combines all the benefits of digital photography with all the best things about analog film. Polaroid photos have an appeal all their own, but not every photo snapped with an instant camera is worth having. With Snapjet, you can pick and choose, printing only the best.

Because Snapjet is only about three times the size of a smartphone, it can go anywhere. You can snap a picture on your smartphone and hold it in your hands seconds later. You and your smartphone are a walking photo booth.




Smart Earplugs Hush the World Around You

photo-main (49)Sleep is precious. It is so hard to get a quality night’s rest with the restlessness of the world around us. More often than not, noise is the culprit robbing us of beauty sleep. Hush earplugs prevents that from happening. Noise-canceling innovation is paired with bluetooth technology to create a worry-free night.

By wirelessly connecting your Hush earplugs to your smartphone, you can be sure to wake on time without disrupting your partner or roommate as the alarm will sound only in your ears. You also have the power of controlling which notifications wake you up and which can wait until morning.

The earplugs are specially designed for comfort; the producers tested a wide range of shapes to find the best fit for the most ears. Use Hush if you have job that finds you frequently napping on planes, or if your partner has a snoring problem that you’ve given up trying to sleep through, or if your neighbours have a party life that doesn’t agree with your schedule, or if you’re simply a light sleeper. Travelers can comfortably take their Hush earplugs most anywhere with the handy compact charging case. Don’t worry about losing them either with the built-in tracker.

d7b986f0da0889fa29e0550cdc9ded83_largeFor those that have trouble drifting off, Hush will play sounds designed designed to send you to dreamland. The app that comes with the earplugs works as a sound machine, only much more private and portable.

Count on going to sleep with the soothing playlists that the application provides. Count on staying asleep with the ten-hour battery life.


Arist: A Barista in a Box

01c8f51d11684a2744b8126f495a440f_largeMy coffee-drinking habits are out of control: I go to at least one coffee shop a day. I remember being so jealous one time when a barista made a cat in my friend’s latte and a leaf in mine. Why didn’t I get a fancy design? With Arist, you are in complete control over your favorite coffee-based drinks; you choose the temperature, size of the grind, and other parts of your coffee.

You control Arist with the Arist smartphone app available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Marketplace. In the mornings and other times you drink coffee, the app, which communicates with Arist via Wifi or Bluetooth, notifies you and asks if you would like to brew a cup to be ready when you enter your kitchen.

968611acf91ee77271bc3f7330a6fe7f_largeArist makes up for the times you’ve been too afraid to experiment with your coffee; with the Arist smartphone app, you create your own recipes, adjusting the foam, milk, or syrup in your coffee. The smartphone app remembers the recipes you’ve made and makes recommendations based on your preferences. Arist has stickers for you to place on the bottoms of up to five cups, so when you place a cup with a sticker on the coffee maker, it remembers what drink is assigned to that specific sticker. For those who would rather stay on the safe side and not create their own recipes, Arist has a database of existing recipes from professional baristas, coffee aficionados, and other Arist users.

Everyone knows coffee makers are impossible to clean. Thankfully, Arist is self-cleaning, saving you the time and energy required to clean a traditional coffee maker.

SipSnap: The Instant Sippy Cup

c601181b32abd11fc13faafaec2e0b0f_largeChildhood is messy. SipSnap can help.

SipSnap is a stretchy, silicone sleeve that fits over any drinking glass, cup, or jar, instantly transforming it into a sippy cup.

Pitched across the room in a fit of rage, dropped absentmindedly when more interesting things aad6b26bd2cf5783b5338791ddd6b629_largebeckon, or held solemnly upside down, SipSnap TOT (designed for smaller sippers) prevents catastrophic spills. Two or three drops may make their way to the floor, but the days of wide juice swaths across the pristine carpet are over.

If sippy cups are a thing of the past in your home, SipSnap KID prevents accidents and involves a straw. Any straw. A stretchy hole in the middle of the stretchy sleeve holds a straw in place for little sippers. SipSnap KID is not for babies, who can’t help but spill, but for little men and women who still occasionally tip over their glasses. You can safely accustom small children to the feel of big kid glasses with SipSnap; even if a glass is made for grownups, SipSnap is for kids.


Keep Your Car Healthy and Your Wallet Full

20141027033835-techAs a driver of a truck older than I am, I understand that repairs are expensive. And the longer you wait to suck it up and go into the shop, the more expensive it gets.

Drivebot keeps your car from getting to the point where the repair bill is painful. A simple device that plugs into your car and wirelessly connects to your iPhone or Android via Bluetooth, Drivebot warns you about 20141019224917-feat1problems you might not recognize and monitors your driving habits, all to save you money and hassle.

Should your engine or transmission or brakes, etc., have an issue that you might not be able to see, Drivebot alerts you as soon as the problem is detected so you can go straight to the garage and get it fixed before you’re stuck calling a tow truck on the way to a business meeting.

Spending too much money on gas? Drivebot suggests how to change your driving behavior and spend less time at the pump. Drivebot also comes with a route feature that will inform you the fastest way to get from here to there and even memorize previous trips to learn what works best for you.

GoGlove: Music at Your Fingertips

b8bbfa9a246596a6bb291ba6026169db_largeEverybody listens to music when they workout, right? It’s like being in your own action movie montage. But what happens when you’re riding a bike or skiing down the slopes, and the slowest, most uninspiring song leaks through your ear-buds?  Normally this is the part where you stop what you’re doing and change it, or you wiggle around a bit until you can maybe hit the button and change the song.

The creators of GoGlove know this pain all too well and have created the ultimate solution. All you have to do is slip on their sleek, super thin glove liner and go. Wireless Bluetooth controllers at the base of your hand and tips of your fingers do the rest. By simply touching two fingers together you can change the song, pause it, or turn up the volume. No more gymnastics routines to get to your phone.

And if music isn’t for you, GoGlove is compatible with your phone’s camera so you can take the perfect picture. It can also turn on Siri for phones with iOS 7+.  Even better, it can control your Go-Pro Camera so you never miss the action shot.

ed29b4b356b77b5f7a0cde63c6407aec_large (1)The gloves are versatile and fit into any lifestyle. They fit under thicker gloves without losing their connection, and they are water resistant. They are compatible with iTunes, iTunes Radio, Google Play, Pandora, and Spotify. And with the new GoGlove app, you can customize the finger cues on your gloves. The best part – it has a 6-month battery life, even with daily use!

GoGlove is perfect for anybody who skis, runs, bikes, or does any kind of physical activity. GoGlove puts the perfect soundtrack at your fingertips (literally). Just turn on your music and go.


Bravelets: Jewelry with a Cause

style_adjustable_311x188Bravelets.  Bracelets with a higher purpose. It’s jewelry with a cause.

Bravelets was started by a young woman while her mother fought breast cancer.  Watching her mother bravely endure treatments while being strong for her children, while she and her sister in turn were strong and brave to support their mother, left a deep impression. She designed Bravelets to signify hope, courage, and strength during the hardest times of life.

You can shop Bravelets by style (adjustable, leather, stitched, rope, cuff…) or by cause (breast cancer, melanoma, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, lung cancer…). They come in eight different styles, but all Bravelets incorporate the triangle, the strongest of all geometric shapes, to symbolize strength and bravery.  The various causes are represented by differing colors.

style_cuff_311x188Bravelets is not just a jewelry company with a philanthropic bent. It is also a fundraising source.  Anyone can set up a page to raise funds for their personal cause, which can be anything from large non-profits to run/walk fundraising events to personal medical bills to memorial funds.  Those wishing to support a specific cause simply click the link and purchase from that cause’s page.  In a quick perusal, I saw everything from a fundraiser to save the Spanish wild mustang to a fundraiser to pay for a sweet 4 year old girl’s heart transplant. If you have no particular fundraiser or cause in mind, simply pick your Bravelet and the company will assign a fundraiser to your purchase.  Either way, some of the purchase dollars go to support a higher cause.

180x114The most impressive thing about this for-profit company is its transparency.  They state upfront that they are in business to make money and give back at the same time, but they want their customer to know exactly what that means.  Rather than the generic statement of “a portion of your purchase goes to fund this or that cause….”, Bravelets lets the buyer know that a full $10 of every purchase will go to the cause of your choice.

Orphan Socks Find Their Mates

a40263bb2400de90d74630af18145382How many of us have a pile of orphan socks two feet deep? How many can’t even find the mates of non-orphaned socks because they’re lost among the lonesome? How many have trouble distinguishing the mates from the strangers anyway?

Sock Slide slips over the edges of paired socks and goes through the wash and dryer with them. They’re never separated, so they’re never lost. Installed in a second, removed in even less, Sock Slides save the huge amounts of time spent laying out socks, one by one, and playing a matching game.

Is your dad constantly making off with your cool Nike socks? Sock Slides come in a range of colors to indicate sock ownership, if that’s a problem in your house.

“Sure,” you say. “All’s well until a Sock Slide rips off a piece of my dryer or escapes down one of my washer’s pipes.” Its makers promise a Sock Slide completely safe for appliances and socks alike. It neither catches nor tears nor melts nor escapes.



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