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Designer Finds His ‘Golden Egg’

Strategy is everything when handling a product’s design and execution.  Attention to detail, purpose and accessibility are key in product development, but sometimes going against the grain is just as,

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Defeat the Snooze Button, Once and for All

It’s too easy. Most of us can probably press the snooze button while still, for all purposes and by all definitions, asleep. You lose track of how many times you’ve done

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When Fashion Retail Goes Horribly Wrong

Failing to leverage consumer insights leads to poor product decisions and a whole lot of lost revenue – and credibility. “It’s because merchants have been left to make new product

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Mergers and Acquisitions Are Cropping Up Everywhere; More to Follow

It seems everyone is looking to expand their capabilities by acquiring them, rather than building them. “The retail landscape is poised for a spate of mergers and acquisitions, according to

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Whole Foods’ New Ranking System Has Some Organic Farmers Crying Foul

Whole Foods’ new ranking system may put organic farmers at a disadvantage. So say the organic farmers. Whole Foods insists that their system takes into account the things that set

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How Nestle Aims to Inspire Trust in the Hearts of Consumers

Food recalls and ingredient lists a mile long have made hardened skeptics out of consumers, especially where big food companies are concerned. Nestle is one among many food industry giants trying

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Bedtime Book Readers Will Delight in the LiliLite

Serving several helpful functions at once, the LiliLite is a friend to the nighttime reader. The LiliLite is a shelf that you mount to the wall, above your headboard, within

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Commuters’ Cydekick Charges Phones On-The-Go

It’s undeniable that people are more aware of health and sustainability.  For instance, it’s more healthy to commute to work via bicycle than it is to drive a car. In

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Are Lego Macbook Cases the Next Big Thing?

Because trendy Macbook stickers weren’t as unique as people hoped, a group from Palo Alto, Cal., developed a computer case that is fully customizable — with Legos.  Well, not just

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Etsy Stock 60% Off Its High, as Market Awaits Amazon’s Entry into Marketplace for Artisan Goods

Etsy could not have picked a worse time to stumble, with sellers becoming increasingly concerned about counterfeiting and mass produced items making their way into the store. “In May, Amazon