GoFar Technology Makes Your Fuel Go Farther

photo-originalIt is common these days to see people trying to save money on fuel while also limiting their carbon footprints. Yet not all of us can afford the latest cash and gas saving car. At this moment in time (as far as the environment is concerned), it is important to be able to use what we already have where we are. GoFar has given us the ability to save fuel and decrease carbon emissions. It is the first system of its kind to turn non-hybrid cars into environment – and wallet – friendly cars.

GoFar is a system that has the ability to recognize every engine’s “sweet spot.” The sweet spot is the throttle position in which your car saves the most fuel and cuts carbon emissions. GoFar’s sleek, modern designed Ray (half the system, looks like a manta ray) will sit on the dashboard while the other half collects the data needed from your car to tell you when the car is reaching its fullest fuel-saving potential. When the Ray glows blue, you know you are in the sweet spot. When you are wasting fuel, it will glow red.

66907421906ee49d563970e68e610db8_originalIt doesn’t distract you while you’re driving, and it works immediately upon installing (and installation is so easy, a child could do it). This system will also give you real time reports to alert you when your driving is less attentive than usual to keep you and your family safe. GoFar also has the ability to read driving behaviors to assist in estimating trip times, trip cost, and fuel used. Since it is said that we waste about a fifth to a quarter of the fuel we pay for because of poor driving styles, the average commuter can save around $450 a year.

How Girls Can Fall In Love With Tech

photo-originalTechnology has now become a part of our day to day lives. In the coming years, almost every product will integrate technology one way or the other. Girls can lose interest in technology at a very young age – they need to have toys which help them understand it.

Linkitz is a set of links and accessories for young girls, designed to help them understand how technology and hardware work. It includes a speaker link, a move link, a microphone link, a friend link, and an LED link (new links will hit the market soon) – assemble these links in different combinations to create different types of wearable toys.

Feel like playing hide and seek? Build a bracelet with Linkitz that will light up when friends are nearby. Feel like behaving like a cop? Connect the speaker and the microphone to build a walkie talkie. Linkitz requires exploration and imagination – move it, tap it, wave it, or make it change colors to create different kinds of toys.

Programming can be very difficult to understand. The Linkitz app will be available in the market soon. Through picture programming language (only requires dragging and dropping), girls (as little as four years old) will be able understand the importance of code in changing the functionality of their toys.

ba9475bdab7fe914002879bc952c1f00_originalDropping your child at her friend’s house? Make sure she puts Linkitz in her purse – it is designed for group activity.

Is your girl running out of ideas on how to match and mix links? No problem. Use Linkitz Cookbook for new ideas.

Linkitz looks like a great product which will enhance your girl’s confidence, creativity, and problem solving skills.

The First Sleep Sensing Smart Headphones

Headphones aren’t really built to sleep in; they are mostly designed for entertainment. Kokoon comes as the world’s first wear-to-bed, sleep sensing headphones, designed to help you relax and fall asleep without troubling your sleep.

Kokoon Headphones have sleep sensing capabilities coupled with audio that responds to your sleep perfectly through the miniature EEG sensors and the app. Its EEG sensors monitor and respond to your sleep by adjusting the audio volume as you fall asleep and wake. It also blocks any external noises that might interfere with your sleep. The headphones come with an intelligent alarm that automatically determines the most opportune time for you
to wake up, so you feel refreshed and alert. The app is fully loaded with many sleep techniques to choose from.

Kokoon is crafted in such a way that it is able to spread pressure away from sensitive regions of the head, so you’re comfortable in whatever position your head rests. All the electronics are loaded in the headband. Moreover, the headphone acts as an extra pillow for your ears thanks to its gel cushioning.

69159588097656b971120e3b14ef8fed_originalTo crown it all, Kokoon headphones do not get sweaty like ordinary headphones thanks to its system of air circulation, which reduces reduce heat and moisture. The partnership with Onkyo (audio company) ensures world class audio that suits your taste. The headphones are a perfect companion in and out of bed; all you need to do is to put them on and press play.

Pakems – The Shoe You Take with You

11084739_809375739110022_1673838740_nCreated with the sports and outdoors enthusiast in mind, Pakems are lightweight, compact, water resistant shoes that are comfortable and easily carried. These are not meant to replace any one pair of shoes you own – rather, to be like no other pair of shoes in your closet. You wear them when you can’t stand the shoes you’re wearing any longer. Think of them as an infinitely more useful slipper, worn for comfort, but also utility.

Each pair of Pakems comes with a bag of the same color and a strap. Compression straps on the bag allow you to flatten out the shoes (to about two inches in height), so you can carry Pakems like a belt pack or a shoulder strap; you can take it anywhere. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry on long hauls, so at the end of the day you can slip off those heavy shoes (or killer heels – you don’t have to be an outdoorsman to appreciate Pakems) and slip on your comfortable Pakems.

11199479_357030037838631_1925039964_nThe Pakems weigh a mere 15 ounces. They have rubber soles for traction.  Pakems come in men’s and women’s sizes, high top and low top, various colors, designs, as well as a Pakem you can color yourself. The Bodie Edition shoe comes with a set of colorful fabric pens you can use to create your own design.

Pakems are great for sports and outdoors enthusiasts, and even for daily commuters. When you don’t want to wear heavy, bulky shoes or back breaking high heels, you can pull out your Pakems.

PluGo: World Travelers Stay Charged

53f56f53ea29aa254a01935d97618fc2_originalWe’ve all been there before – the airport terminal or an unfamiliar hotel room. Whether you’re traveling for business or for fun, chances are you are going to have a lot of devices to charge. Electrical outlets can be hard to come by when you’re on the road or in the skies, but PluGO can lend you a hand.

PluGO is a portable and compact power strip – smallest on the market. One plug can give a user four separate outlets and two USB ports – allowing you to charge your phone, laptop, tablet, and camera. The PluGO also includes adapters for overseas travel, keeping you covered, charged, and connected across the world. The adapters are double-ended, and one side connects into the PluGO’s main plug, transmitting power on any continent.

The PluGO is smaller than a sunglasses case, giving you more room in your carry on. The case also features a wrap-around cord for reduced bulk.  PluGO is designed to use in buses, on planes, in cars – anywhere you have access to an electrical outlet.

Sam’s Club, Too, Is Planning a Turnaround

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart via Flickr cc

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart via Flickr cc

After a “disappointing” first quarter, Sam’s Club outlines its plans to make the second much better.

“The retail sector reported mixed results this week and Bentonville-based Sam’s Club was among the losers – again. Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer also gave a cautious outlook as the wholesale club tries to reinvent itself to better compete with Amazon, Wal-Mart, Costco and a host of other retailers offering values.”

Read the full article at The City Wire.

Two-Thirds of Consumers’ Money Goes to Just Ten Retailers

Photo Credit: Jim via Wikimedia Commons cc

Photo Credit: Jim via Wikimedia Commons cc

Only a handful of retailers really define the industry. Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, of course. CVS, Home Depot, Lowe’s, not so obviously.

“If you want to understand the health of retail – follow the money. It ends up in a relatively small number of cash registers anyway.

Just 10 food, staples and general retailers in the broad Standard & Poor’s 1500, including giantWal-Mart (WMT), drugstore CVS Health (CVS) and membership-based seller Costco Wholesale (COST) collected two-thirds of all the revenue generated by this broad universe of publicly traded retailers over the past 12 months, according to a USA TODAY analysis of data from S&P Capital IQ based on most recently available data. The remaining 89 retailers account for the remaining third of revenue.”

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Kids with Disabilities Can Get a Doll to Match

download (17)British toy maker Makies creates dolls to resemble real children. Now they’ll be making dolls to resemble more real children.

“Makies is a British doll company designing dolls to look like the children they belong to. Now Makies is making a huge step towards being inclusive of all children.

3D-printed dolls are now being designed with disabilities, representing a wider group of unique children and providing playtime options that step outside the traditional mold.”

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Alibaba Has a Plan to Counteract Counterfeits; It Involves an Israeli Startup

Photo Credit: leighklotz via Flickr cc

Photo Credit: leighklotz via Flickr cc

Alibaba’s reputation is in danger. Visualead and digital tags may be the answer.

“Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba Group Holding is enlisting the help of an Israeli startup to fight fakes on its online shopping platforms, as the company is hit with a fresh wave of lawsuits accusing it of facilitating the sales of counterfeits.”

Read the full article at Forbes.

Target’s Grocery Business Is Undergoing a “Strategic Repositioning”

Photo Credit: Steven Depolo via Flickr cc

Photo Credit: Steven Depolo via Flickr cc

Extensive testing will precede sweeping changes in food strategy. CEO Brian Cornell has made clear that speed is not the objective, but measured change, constantly validated by the customer.

“Trial and error. That’s the approach Target Corp. is taking as it shifts its approach from that of a grocery business into that of a food business.

The Minneapolis-based retailer has spent much of the past six months talking about its food business, going so far as to hire Anne Dament in April as senior vice-president, merchandiser, with the specific job of ‘leading the strategic repositioning of Target’s food business.'”

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