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Our courses and workshops are taught by seasoned experts in retailing and consumer product marketing, and are designed to equip companies with the knowledge and skills necessary to get their product onto the shelves of the country's top retailers.

Are You Ready?
A Live Online Event
Selling to the Masses
A Crash Course
Selling to the Masses
A 3 Day Workshop
$995 $495

What You'll Learn

Risks & Rewards (Why would anyone want to do this?)
Retailing 101 (Why it is so difficult to succeed in this business)
From Idea to Shelf (Process Overview)
The importance of mentorship (Why only fools go it alone)
The Moment of Truth (Assessing your readiness)
The 95% (Why bad things happen to good products)  
States of the Industries (Consumer products and the retailers that sell them)  
Controlling the “Controllables” (Mitigating the hidden risks)  
Choosing Channels (Deciding where and when to sell and not to sell)  
Getting the Right Meeting with the Right Person at the Right Time  
Making the Pitch (Knowing when to switch from selling to negotiating, then when to stop talking)  
Handling the tough questions  
Being Ready for Yes  
Being Ready for No  
Special Guest Speakers    
Meet the Mentors Networking Events    
Store Tours with the Experts    
Meet the Mentors One on One